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Sector 14, Hisar

Sri Ganganagar

Sri Lanka

Vijayawada Kanuru

Vijayawada Mangalagiri

Radiation Oncology

Medical Oncology

Surgical Oncology

Hemato Oncology & BMT

Pediatric Hemato Oncology & BMT

Nuclear Medicine

Pain Management

Palliative Medicine

Clinical Oncology

Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Bhubaneswar,Surgical Oncology

Bhubaneswar,Medical Oncology

Calicut,Nuclear Medicine

Calicut,Medical Oncology

Calicut,Radiation Oncology

Coimbatore,Nuclear Medicine

Coimbatore,Medical Oncology

Coimbatore,Radiation Oncology

Dabra Chowk, Hisar,Medical Oncology

Dabra Chowk, Hisar,Radiation Oncology

Guntur,Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Guntur,Surgical Oncology

Guntur,Medical Oncology

Guntur,Radiation Oncology

Gurugram,Nuclear Medicine

Gurugram,Medical Oncology

Gurugram,Radiation Oncology

Hyderabad,Uro Oncology

Hyderabad,Neuro Oncology

Hyderabad,Gynec Oncology

Hyderabad,Pain Management

Hyderabad,Nuclear Medicine

Hyderabad,Pediatric Hemato Oncology & BMT

Hyderabad,Hemato Oncology & BMT

Hyderabad,Surgical Oncology

Hyderabad,Medical Oncology

Hyderabad,Radiation Oncology

Imphal,Internal Medicine

Imphal,General Surgery

Imphal,Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Imphal,Palliative Medicine

Imphal,Nuclear Medicine

Imphal,Pediatric Hemato Oncology & BMT

Imphal,Surgical Oncology

Imphal,Medical Oncology

Imphal,Radiation Oncology

Jalandhar,Nuclear Medicine

Jalandhar,Medical Oncology

Jalandhar,Radiation Oncology

Jammu,Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Jammu,Nuclear Medicine

Jammu,Surgical Oncology

Jammu,Medical Oncology

Jammu,Radiation Oncology

Vijayawada Kanuru,Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Vijayawada Kanuru,Clinical Oncology

Vijayawada Kanuru,Hemato Oncology & BMT

Vijayawada Kanuru,Surgical Oncology

Vijayawada Kanuru,Medical Oncology

Vijayawada Kanuru,Radiation Oncology

Ludhiana,Nuclear Medicine

Ludhiana,Hemato Oncology & BMT

Ludhiana,Surgical Oncology

Ludhiana,Medical Oncology

Ludhiana,Radiation Oncology

Vijayawada Mangalagiri,Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Vijayawada Mangalagiri,Surgical Oncology

Vijayawada Mangalagiri,Medical Oncology

Vijayawada Mangalagiri,Radiation Oncology


Nagpur,Neuro Oncology

Nagpur,Internal Medicine

Nagpur,Gynec Oncology

Nagpur,General Surgery



Nagpur,Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Nagpur,Nuclear Medicine

Nagpur,Pediatric Hemato Oncology & BMT

Nagpur,Hemato Oncology & BMT

Nagpur,Surgical Oncology

Nagpur,Medical Oncology

Nagpur,Radiation Oncology

Sector 14, Hisar,Medical Oncology

Sector 14, Hisar,Radiation Oncology

Sri Ganganagar,Medical Oncology

Sri Ganganagar,Radiation Oncology

Sri Lanka,Radiation Oncology

Our Doctors

Get the most advanced cancer treatment from our experienced oncologists.

Dr (Brig) Anil Kumar Dhar

Dr (Brig) Anil Kumar Dhar

Medical Oncology

Dr (Brig) Anil Kumar Dhar is one of the top medical oncologists in Gurugram. He has a vast experience of more than 30 years in the field of Medical oncology. He his specialised in treating leukemia,lymphoma, hematological oncology and other complex oncology cases . He is also specialised in Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) treatment. He is working as a Senior Consultant, HOD, Medical Oncologist in American Oncology Institute, Gurugram.

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Dr A Praveen

Dr A Praveen

Medical Oncology

Dr A Praveen is one of the top medical oncologists in Guntur. He has a vast experience of more than 10 years in the field of Medical oncology. He has specialised in treating leukemia, lymphoma, hematological oncology and other complex oncology cases .

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Dr Abhinav C. Puppalwar

Dr Abhinav C. Puppalwar

Radiation Oncology

Dr Abhinav C. Puppalwar is an experienced radiation oncologist, proficient in performing radiotherapy & brachytherapy treatments for patients diagnosed with different types of cancers. He is associated with American Oncology Institute Nagpur, as a radiation oncology consultant. He has a experience of more than 5 years in some of the renowned hospitals, as a Radiation oncologist.

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Dr Ajmal Sherif P

Dr Ajmal Sherif P

Medical Oncology

Dr Ajmal Sherif P is one of the top medical oncologists in Kozhikode, Calicut. He has experience of more than 5 years in the field of Medical Oncology. He is working as a Medical Oncologist at the American Oncology Institute, Calicut.

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Dr Akanksha Palo

Dr Akanksha Palo

Nuclear Medicine

Dr Akanksha Palo is one of the best Nuclear Medicine Experts in Coimbatore. She is working as a Consultant Nuclear Medicine specialist at the American Oncology Institute, Coimbatore.

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Dr Amol Parate

Dr Amol Parate

Intensivist and Emergency Physician Critical Care Medicine.

Dr Amol Parate is one of the top intensivists and Critical Care Medicine Experts in India. He has more than 10 years of experience. He is working as a Consultant (Intensivist and Critical Care Medicine) at American Oncology Insitute, Nagpur.

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Dr Anila Patibandla

Dr Anila Patibandla

Clinical Oncology

Dr Anila Patibandla is one of the best clinical oncologists in Andhra Pradesh. She has over 6 years of experience in the field of clinical oncology. She is well versed in both medical and radiation oncology. She is currently working as Clinical Oncology Consultant in American Oncology Institute, Vijayawada, Kanuru.

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Dr Anwin Joseph K

Dr Anwin Joseph K

Nuclear Medicine

Dr Anwin Joseph K is one of the most experienced and best Nuclear Medicine specialist in Calicut. He is associated with American Oncology Institute as a – Nuclear Medicine Consultant.

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Dr Archana Dutta

Dr Archana Dutta

Radiation Oncology

Dr Archana Dutta is a renowned Radiation Oncologist with 20 years of experience in the field of Oncology. She had her training across premier institutes in India and Abroad like Adyar Cancer Institute (Chennai), AIIMS (New Delhi), Burnaby Hospital (Vancouver, Canada). Dr Archana is the leading expert in Targeted Radiotherapy techniques like IMRT, IGRT, SBRT, SRS, TVI and Brachytherapy. She is well-trained in treating all solid and haematological malignancies and has a keen interest in Target the...

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Dr Arivan Ramchandran

Dr Arivan Ramchandran

Nuclear Medicine

Dr Arivan Ramchandran is one of the top nuclear medicine specialists in Imphal. He is highly successful in treating cancers affecting different parts of the body and in diagnosing various complex disease conditions with the help of nuclear medicine techniques. He is also skillful in treating thyroid cancers with radioactive drugs.

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