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Anaesthesia and critical care play crucial roles in the comprehensive management of cancer patients. Anaesthesiologists evaluate patients before surgery, considering their overall health status, concurrent medical conditions, and potential risks associated with anaesthesia.

Anaesthesia providers ensure patient comfort and safety during surgery by administering general or regional anaesthesia, monitoring vital signs, managing pain control, maintaining fluid balance, and optimizing physiological stability.

Anaesthesiologists collaborate with surgical teams to optimize surgical conditions through techniques like neuromuscular blockade to facilitate tumour resection or minimize blood loss during complex procedures.

In summary, anaesthesia and critical care are integral components in the comprehensive care of cancer patients. These specialties contribute to perioperative management during surgeries related to cancer treatment while also addressing acute/chronic pain control needs. Furthermore, critical care expertise ensures optimal management for critically ill cancer patients who require intensive monitoring and support in ICU settings. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, these disciplines strive towards improving outcomes for individuals battling cancer by optimizing their surgical experience, managing pain effectively, providing critical care interventions when necessary—all aimed at enhancing overall patient well-being throughout their journey.

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Professionals involved :

    • Primary care physician
    • Anesthesiologist
    • Cardiologist
    • Intensivist
    • Critical care Medicine Specialist

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