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25 years old Bangladeshi successfully fights a 10kgs thigh bone cancer at AOI

American Oncology Institute – a Center for precision Cancer Care, performed a complex ‘Total Femur replacement of Enneking Stage IIB Osteosarcoma femur’ on a patient from Bangladesh. Specialists led by Dr Kishore B. Reddy, Musculoskeletal Oncosurgeon, bone cancer specialist at Citizens Hospital; performed the surgery on a 25 year old male patient presented with a massive swelling and excruciating pain in the left thigh, while he was enduring the trauma for over ten months. He has since recovered fully, able to stand on his feet, walk without support and is set to go back to his country.

The cause is unknown, but generally thought to be due to radiation exposure, genetic inheritance or mutation. Currently there is no prevention strategy or prophylactic treatment available for this condition. Patient may generally present with an history of trauma or fall. From the day of onset of symptoms the swelling will increase at relatively rapid pace and pain increases progressively. In some instances there could be injury or splitting of the bone. Patients tend to stop working or going to school because of the unbearable pain. Within few weeks their daily routine is affected, leading to a sense of depression and declining hope of getting back to normality.

The patient Mr. Sunaullah, was suffering from Bone Cancer called Osteosarcoma, though a very rare, but most common type of bone cancer. The incidence of osteosarcoma is three cases per million, each year. Osteosarcoma is usually found at the end of long bones, often around the knee joint, though occasionally seen manifesting around hip and arms. Osteosarcomas are usually high grade tumors that require an aggressive treatment regimen. It is a life threatening condition, as the tumor can spread rapidly to other organs if not treated in the early stages of disease. Patients who land up in stage 4 tend to have a life span of few months.

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For Mr.Sunaullah, it all began with a minor swelling in the knee area, which despite seeking medical attention saw a gradual progression and increasing pain. In due course it impacted his daily routine and reached a stage of immobility, simultaneously the condition led to he losing appetite and rapid weight loss. As the problem started becoming acute, he approached specialists and tertiary care hospitals in his country, with little respite. One of the reputed hospitals he approached in Bangladesh, prior to coming here, started him on chemotherapy. He was suggested amputation from hip. On the recommendation of some senior specialists in Bangladesh, for better care, he approached American Oncology Institute, as a last resort on 15th Dec 2019 for limb salvage surgery.

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