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A new approach to beat cancer

A decision related to cancer treatment will probably be the most important one in a patient’s life.

The accuracy of diagnosis and the effectiveness of the treatment plan are often the main causes of concern for the patient.

Because they play a critical role in determining the treatment journey and its final outcome. Cancer diagnosis and treatment are the most critical aspects of cancer care, and also highly specialized.

Cancer treatment may include one or more treatment modalities such as Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology or Surgical Oncology, and may also include complex procedures like Immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

American Oncology Institute, Nallagandla, Hyderabad has successfully introduced and running ‘3C – Comprehensive Cancer Consultation’, a unique approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

During the 3C consultation, the patient is reviewed jointly by a Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologist and Surgical Oncologist to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Together, they assess the condition of the patient, from three different perspectives, taking into consideration various factors such as the type of cancer, site, stage, age, physical condition, symptoms etc., to arrive at the most clinically precise diagnosis.

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With 3C, patients are now better equipped to make crucial and informed decisions regarding their cancer treatment.

Dr. Babaiah, Medical Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Medical Director, AOI Hyderabad said, “We at AOI, started an innovative program called 3C.

3C is the program where we have three consultants, Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologist, Surgical Oncologist, three consultants at one place and three will see the patient in one time.

An even opinion and unbiased opinion are given. Whatever treatment is required that type of treatment offered to the patient.

Sometimes, surgery is done first after that the chemotherapy is required, or the radiation needs to done first then the decision is made in consultation with all of them together.

This is a great boon to the patient to have such a combined consultation with consultants.”

Dr Ravi Chander, Surgical Oncologist, AOI, said, “With 3C consultations, the patient can have various options of treatment which can be discussed with all the three consultants same time which will help him to come to a proper decision about his treatment and cancer management plan,”

Dr Sudha Sinha, Consultant Medical Oncology, AOI said, “What is required for effective cancer care is a collaborative multidisciplinary approach, wherein the Surgical Oncologist, Medical Oncologist, and Radiation Oncologist discuss and decide the best approach to the management of each case.

During a 3C consultation, the patient is reviewed jointly by a Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologist, and Surgical Oncologist to provide the most comprehensive as well as the most precise diagnosis and treatment.”

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