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International Tumour board at AOI helps in providing American university level cancer care for Breast cancer patient in Vijayawada

Vijayawada : International Tumour Board at American Oncology Institute at NRI Mangalagiri, Vijayawada helps a 30-year old breast cancer patient from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh to receive US university level standards of cancer treatment.

Radha (name changed) had noticed a small lump (2cm) in the right breast lower outer portion 10 days back. Basis the recommendation from a surgeon, she underwent a surgery to remove the tumour, while preserving the breast tissue. She was further diagnosed with a stage I breast cancer.

The patient came to American Oncology Institute, Mangalagiri for a consultation with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Prashant, who presented her case in the weekly International Tumour Board at AOI. The International tumour board at AOI is one of a kind tumour board in the county, wherein doctors from all locations of AOI across India collaborate with the team of International cancer experts from University of Pittsburgh Medical College (UPMC). To decide on the further treatment plan, the patient was advised by the tumor board to undergo a special test known as Oncotype Dx or MammaPrint, a test that was developed in the United States specifically for breast cancer and helps in identifying the chances of recurrence of cancer. The test helps the clinicians to identify the need for chemotherapy accurately and thereby helps in providing the optimum care to the patient while minimizing the side effects. Basis the tests, the patient was recommended Chemotherapy. She underwent chemotherapy for 6 months followed by one-and-half month of Radiotherapy by advanced intensity modulated technique. The patient is now on follow-up and disease free as of now.

Dr. Prashant Yarlagadda, Radiation Oncologist at AOI said, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in urban India, with 1 out of 22 having a lifetime risk of developing breast cancer and these figures are increasing gradually. If not contained, this increase is expected to match western figures of 1 in 8 women. AOI believes that creating awareness among women about lifestyle changes could reverse this trend.”

Dr Nikhil Tiwari, Facility Director, AOI Vijayawada facility emphasized the importance of protocol driven care. At AOI, we discuss patient care at local and international tumor board on a weekly basis to ensure that best in class treatment protocols are followed in each case. He also added that this facility at Mangalagiri will help patients to receive comprehensive cancer treatment which is evidence-based and technologically advanced with ease of access in the neighborhood. At American Oncology Institute, a multidisciplinary team consisting of Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists and Surgical Oncologists collaborate to jointly plan and implement the most optimal treatment protocols for the treatment of all types of cancer.

AOI conducts a joint international tumor board every week in which pathologists, oncologists, radiation therapists and surgeons from our Indian facilities join the international team from University of Pittsburgh (UPMC) to review complex and difficult cases. University of Pittsburgh Medical College (UPMC) is one of the leading oncology programs in the US with more than 300 research and clinical faculty members specializing in disciplines ranging from early detection to comprehensive cancer care.

Below is the online media coverage of the press conference organized by American Oncology Institute, Vijayawada.

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