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American Oncology Institute at Citizens Specialty Hospital Delivers on the promise of a surgery without any financial burden on the family of a Two-Year Old

Two-year-old baby Akshaya, suffering from a life-threatening neoplastic swelling measuring 8.8cms x 8.1cm on the right side of her neck pushing major blood vessels in the region and obstructing the supply of blood to the brain, underwent successful surgery at American Oncology Institute at Citizens Specialty Hospital, Hyderabad.

A team of robotic onco surgeons lead by Dr. Jagdishwar Goud Gajagowni performed the surgery that included identification, dissection, and preservation of the carotid artery, as well as of the nerve which produces voice. The team also separated off food pipe and breathing pipe before the bleeding was secured and surgery completed satisfactorily.

“The little child had been suffering from the condition for over a year and a half. The swelling has been exerting pressure on food & breathing pipe of the child, thereby manifesting in as a life-threatening condition,” says Dr. Jagdishwar Goud, Head of Department for Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery at the American Oncology Institute.

Hailing from a remote village in the state of Telangana, the parents have been running from pillar to post to find a solution for the swelling. Unable to find a viable solution, and afford the costs associated with those offered, a person known to the family made an online plea to the Minister Shri KT Rama Rao, who promised to help the ailing child.

American Oncology Institute along with Dr. Jagdishwar stepped up and volunteered to handle the surgical procedure, and Shri KTR’s office got in touch with him to work out the modalities concerning the surgery. Dr. Bala Vikas Kumar and Dr.Challa Teja assisted Dr. Jagdishwar in the procedure, and it was completed within 24 hours of the hospitalization.

Following a period of post-op observation, the little one was satisfactorily discharged from the Hospital. The management of the American Oncology Institute, led by Dr. Vijay Kumar Vemuri, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Prabhakar, Regional Director, decided to waive off all charges concerning the surgery including – investigations, medicines, ICU charges, and advanced equipment in the operation theater.

“American Oncology Institute (AOI) is committed to accessible, best-in-class Cancer care for our patients in South Asia. AOI has an internal program to help the underprivileged and provide them treatments at subsidized rates so that they are not denied our expertise”, says Dr. Prabhakar, Regional Director, American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad. He further added, “We are happy to share that the patient was treated through this initiative.”

Minister Shri KT Rama Rao, expressed his delight and lauded the expertise of the doctor and the hospital in bringing much needed-relief to baby Akshaya.

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