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Treatment Options for Bladder Cancer

Treatment options may consist of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy or any combination of these treatments.

  • In a surgical process, the surgeon may remove part of or the entire bladder and possibly surrounding tissues, lymph nodes and organs which may be affected
  • Chemotherapy may be used. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses anti-cancer drugs to kill or stop the growth of cancer cells
  • Radiation is another option for treatment that uses high-energy radiation beams to eliminate cancer cells or stop them from growing. Radiation therapy consists of external beam radiotherapy

External beam radiation uses localized high energy radiation beams to eliminate cancer cells and keep them from growing

Radiotherapy is preferred if patient is willing for bladder preservation (organ preservation).

Biological therapy is sometimes used, too. This treatment is given via a solution containing a weakened bacterium which is introduced to the affected area.The bacteria strain works with the immune system to kill the cancer cells

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