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Musculoskeletal Cancers


Musculoskeletal cancer comprises the cancer of bone and muscles (soft tissues). These cancers may occur in any bone and muscular tissues of the body, both in children and adults. Musculoskeletal oncology deals with preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer that originates from arms, hands, elbows, scapula, shoulders, feet, thighs, knees, pelvis, hips, or the sacrum.

Patients may suffer from various types of musculoskeletal cancer. The optimal treatment strategy is developed based on the location and stage of the tumor, patient’s age, underlying medical conditions, and their overall health and preferences. The treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and radiofrequency ablation. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be recommended with surgery to manage advanced cancer. Immunotherapy and targeted therapy are usually used when the patients do not respond to the standard treatment.

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Professionals involved :

    • Bone oncologists
    • Medical oncologists
    • Orthopedic surgeons
    • Radiation oncologists
    • Pathologists

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