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Multiple Myeloma

ABCDEs of melanoma help in detecting the potential melanoma. These include:

  • Asymmetrical shape: The moles may have irregular shapes with two unequal halves.
  • Border irregularity: Notched or irregular borders of the moles may indicate melanoma.
  • Color change: Any color change in the mole or spot should be further evaluated.
  • Diameter alterations: If the mole is larger than 6 mm, it should be brought to the notice of a dermatologist.
  • Evolving spot: If there is a growth in the size or appearance of moles, it should be evaluated further

Patients with multiple myeloma have a prognosis based on several factors:

  • Diseased stage
  • Age of the patient
  • The health of the patient during the diagnosis
  • Cancer cell growth rate
  • Chromosomal abnormalities

Complications associated with multiple myeloma include:

  • Risk of bone fracture and bone erosion (produces cytokines that degrade the bone leading to its breakage)
  • Amyloidosis (build up abnormal proteins in the body)
  • Anemia
  • Damage to the kidney
  • High calcium level in the blood
  • Hyperviscosity (making the blood thicker)
  • Leukopenia (shortage of WBC)

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