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Surgical Oncology

Treatment Process

Following surgical interventions are performed to treat and enhance quality of life of cancer patients:

  • Laser cancer surgery: The laser is guided on the tumor and the cancer cells are destroyed due to heat generation.
  • Laparoscopic surgery: It is a type of minimally invasive surgery performed with the help of a laparoscope. Laparoscope comprises a thin tube with a camera at the end.
  • Robotic surgery: It is an advanced, minimally invasive surgery that involves the use of surgical arms, a console, and a monitor for performing the surgery. Minimally invasive surgeries have lesser side effects compared to conventional surgery.
  • Endoscopic surgery: Endoscopic surgery involves removing the tumor with the help of an endoscope. It is usually used in treating cancer of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diagnostic surgery: In some cases, surgical interventions are required for the diagnosis of cancer. The oncosurgeons remove either a section of the tumor or the complete tumor for examination in the laboratory.
  • Debulking surgery: This surgery is performed before radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The surgery involves the removal of the cancer cells as much as possible.
  • Palliative surgery: This surgery is performed in patients with advanced cancer. The surgery helps relieve the symptoms caused by obstruction or compression by the growing tumor.
  • Reconstructive surgery: Some surgical interventions, such as surgery of the face or limbs, require reconstruction to restore the aesthetic appearance or function.
  • Preventive surgery: Some patients are at increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. For instance, patients with an increased risk of breast cancer may remove one or both breasts before developing cancer.

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