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Surgical Oncology

Side Effects

Side effects of cancer surgery are infection, bleeding, blood clotting, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, and alteration in bowel and bladder functions. Late side effects include an increased risk of infection (due to spleen removal), physical and psychological effects (due to amputation), and lymphedema (removal of lymph nodes).

Role of professional involved in services

  • Onco-surgeons: These are experts in performing surgeries to remove the tumor.
  • Plastic surgeons: These surgeons are experts in reconstructive surgeries. Reconstructive surgeries are performed either during main surgery or at a later stage.
  • Pathologists: These medical professionals provide information about the presence of cancer cells in tissue samples.
  • Radiologists: Radiologists provide detailed information about the tumor's location, shape, and size before and during the surgery.
  • Anesthesiologists: These doctors are experts in delivering anesthesia to patients based on surgical requirements and monitor the effects of anesthesia throughout the procedure.

Taking On Cancer, Together !​

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