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Radiation Oncology

Side Effects

Side effects of radiotherapy include skin changes, fatigue, weakness, hair loss, oral sores, and skin damage.

Role of professional involved in services

  • Radiation therapists: Radiation therapists administer radiation therapy to patients with cancer or other diseases.
  • Radiation oncologists: These medical professionals are specialized in delivering radiation therapy. The radiation oncologists usually overview the doses of radiation delivered by the radiation therapists.
  • Radiation oncology nurses: These nurses monitor patients undergoing radiation therapy. They immediately report any side effects of radiation therapy to radiation oncologists.
  • Medical radiation physicists: These professionals ensure the health protection of other professionals who are at risk of exposure to harmful radiation. They also ensure that the exact radiation dose is delivered to the patient.
  • Medical oncologists: Medical oncologists are experts in monitoring the impact of radiation therapy on tumors and deciding about the future course of treatment.

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