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Hemato Oncology & BMT

Side Effects

Side effects of blood cancer treatment are infection, low blood cell count, nausea and vomiting, oral sores, hair loss, rashes, loss of appetite, graft versus host disease, and chronic fatigue.

Role of professional involved in services

  • Medical oncologists: Medical oncologists diagnose and manage various types of cancer..
  • Hemato-oncologists: Hemato-oncology is a super-specialized division of cancer that particularly involves screening, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating cancers related to blood.
  • Pediatric hemato-oncologists: The medical professionals are experts in diagnosing and managing blood cancer in children.
  • Hematopathologists: These healthcare experts specialize in using advanced techniques, such as flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry, in diagnosing blood-related disorders.
  • Phlebotomists: Phlebotomists monitor and assist in the blood collection process.

Taking On Cancer, Together !​

Life does not stop when cancer strikes.​

We are with you in this fight to win over cancer. We are here to give you the strength to recover through a comprehensive cancer care program.

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