Neuro Onco Surgery

At American Oncology Institute, we offer the latest state-of-art operation theaters, high-end microscopes, neuro-endoscopes, neuro-navigation system and other tools for precise, minimally-invasive brain and spine surgeries

Neuro-oncologists at American Oncology Institute are equipped to treats brain tumours for Pediatrics patients, Adult patients, Primary and Secondary tumours of brain and spinal cord. At AOI Neuro-Oncology Surgical team headed by Dr Ajay Reddy who performed more than 2000 cranial and spinal cases – provides wide range of treatment options of patients with tumors with Radio Surgery, Minimally invasive Spine Surgeries and other individually designed procedures that match any international standard in tumour care.

The experts at AOI provide inpatient care with team of Neuro Oncologist who are one of the best in the region with a clinical staff following international standards of care along with supporting staff to give our patients the best outcomes.