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Cancer Aid Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit charitable foundation focused on providing support to under privileged cancer patients. A unique CSR initiative by American Oncology Institute, one of the leading cancer care providers of India, Cancer Aid Foundation focuses on providing emotional support, financial assistance, and guidance for underserved patients. We are always looking to continually expand its portfolio of programs and services to meet the healthcare and social needs of the communities in terms of Cancer prevention and treatment.
Cancer Aid Foundation organizes outreach programs to raise funds for their benefit. The team mobilizes individuals, donors and volunteers as Advocacy Groups to ensure cancer patients receive appropriate and timely care, education, and financial assistance. Cancer Aid Foundation would support patients diagnosed with cancer making them interact with patients who have won over cancer with successful treatment at AOI. Cancer Aid Foundation also plans to do various cancer awareness initiatives targeted at improving awareness about cancer that can lead to early detection and treatment of Cancer
The burden of Cancer is growing by the day. Currently, one out of every four cancer patients detected worldwide is found to be an Indian. Cancer afflicts an estimated 2.5 million Indians, with over 700,000 new cases and 550,000 deaths occurring each year. These numbers aside, the impact of cancer is far greater due to the immense emotional trauma associated with its diagnosis and treatment.

The financial costs associated with cancer treatment are often overwhelming. Not everyone can bear the expenditure that comes with Cancer treatment and may often require financial assistance.





Cancer is a disease in which the abnormal cells divide without control and invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread throughout the body via the blood and lymph system. When cancer cells move from their point of origin and invade other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymph system, the process is referred to as metastasis.
Cancer is not contagious and often occurs due to a mix of hereditary and environmental factors. More than 100 different types of cancer exist. Most cancers are named after the organ or type of cell in which they originate.

Causes and Risk factors

There are many different types and there is no one single cause of cancer. Experts believe that it could be due to what you are exposed to (environmentally, occupationally, radiation, viruses etc.) or how you live (tobacco, diet, alcohol, activity, etc.) or even family history. 30% of cancers are caused by tobacco. Age is also an important factor, which aggravates cancer.

Cancer Prevalence in India

In India, risk of cancer is constantly on the rise with an estimated 14.5 Lakh people living with the disease. Every year more than 5.5 Lakh people die from cancer and over 7 lakh new cancer cases are registered in India. It is suggested that at some point during their lifetime approximately 39.6 per cent of women and men will be diagnosed with cancer.

More than 70% of cancer cases report for treatment in the advanced stages of the disease. This leads to poor survival and high mortality rates. Numbers aside, the impact of cancer is far greater due to the immense emotional trauma associated with its diagnosis and treatment. Even though some of the most advanced medical facilities in the world are available in India, they are out of reach of the vast majority of the population.

Common cancers in Men and Women

Cancers of oral cavity and lungs in males & cervix and breast in females account for over 50% of all cancer related deaths in India.
The top five cancers in men and women account for 47.2% of all cancers; these cancers can be prevented, screened for and/or detected early and treated at an early stage. This could significantly reduce the death rate from these cancers.

In Men:

In India, cancer mortality is higher among men than in women. Though cancer hits more women than men, about 75% of men affected with cancer have low life expectancy. Experts suggest this could be because the lung and oral cavity cancers that are the leading cancers among men are usually detected at a late stage.

Five most common sites of cancer diagnosed among men

1. Lip & Oral
2. Lung
3. Stomach
4. Colorectum
5. Pharynx

In Women:

Breast cancer accounts for 27 per cent of all cancers in women in India, with the incidence rising in the early thirties and peaking at ages 50-64 years. It is estimated that 1 in 28 women is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Cervical cancer follows next, accounting for 22.9 per cent of all cancer cases in women. It generally affects the 21 to 67 age group, with the median age of occurrence being 38 years. As compared to the urban women, rural women are at higher risk of developing cervical cancer.

Five most common sites of cancer diagnosed among women
1. Breast
2. Cervix
3. Colorectum
4. Ovary
5. Lip, oral cavity


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