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Throat Cancer

Follow-up Care

The patients should not feel completely relaxed after the completion of their treatment as cancer survivors are at increased risk of cancer recurrence. Further, some treatment strategies kill cancer cells at a particular stage of cell division. Cancer cells in the dormant stage or other stages of the cell division cycle evade the treatment and can result in cancer recurrence. The survivors should visit the hospital according to the scheduled follow-up visit plan. It helps diagnose the cancer recurrence early and allows the oncologists to monitor the side effects of the cancer treatment. The survivors may expect imaging tests, such as chest x-rays, laryngoscopy, blood tests, dental examination, and nutritional status checkup during the follow-up care visit.

Taking On Cancer, Together !​

Life does not stop when cancer strikes.​

We are with you in this fight to win over cancer. We are here to give you the strength to recover through a comprehensive cancer care program.

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