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Steps to reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the most unpredictable malignancies which is affecting several citizens of all the age groups. Regardless of its unpredictability, there are a few practices that can have a very strong influence on the immune system which can prevent or reduce the cancer risk. These practices will significantly enhance the chances of the cancer patient survival. Below are the lifeline hacks that help you bolster your immunity against Cancer.


Watch your Weight

This should be on top because it cannot weight. A lot of people are either overweight or under the ideal weight. Many reduce the food intake to maintain the lean body shape and some overeat and put on the weight, which way above the ideal weight. It is very important to have the balance. It is important to eat healthily and supply your body with required nutrients. Indulge in your favorite dishes but keep it under the limit. Ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients on the daily bases.

Healthy diet

As mentioned above, be careful with what you choose to eat. Including a variety of vegetables, fruit, whole grain, fish and poultry in your diet is linked with a lower risk of developing certain cancers. Avoid eating canned or processed food. Red meat is rich in protein but make sure you are not overdoing it. Include at least 2 portions of Vegetables and Fruits every day and reduce eating red meat to once a week.

Exercise regularly

Men and Women who exercise regularly are unlikely to develop cancer in their body. Though studies are not completely in favour of people who exercise regularly, the research supports the fact that people who exercise at least 4 to 5 times or more in a week are less prone to Cancer. Regular physical exercises lower the risk of Breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and prostate cancer.

Stay away from Tobacco

If you are one of those who enjoy blowing away the “Cancer sticks”, it is time for you to drop it on the floor and snub it immediately. It is never too late to let go of any kind of the Tobacco addiction. Tobacco causes several risks and majorly contributes to causing life-threatening cancers like oral cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. Apart from cancer, the Tobacco addicts complain of sleep deprivation, stomach ulcers, acidic pain in the stomach, constipation, etc.

The American Cancer society claims, tobacco is the major contributor of the 80% of the lung cancer patients and 30% of all Cancer victims are addicted to tobacco.

Limit Alcohol consumption

Excess alcohol consumption leads to gastric problems. Apart from that, most of the alcoholics are vulnerable to Stomach cancer, colon cancer, oral cancer, Liver and Gall bladder cancer. A drink once in a while does not make you an addict, but if you have regular cravings for alcohol on daily basis, it is advisable that you enrol yourself in a rehab to beat the addiction. A drink or two or a pint of beer in a social gathering is acceptable but ensure that if you are a male you are not exceeding 60 ml of proof liquor for a female it should not exceed more than 30 ml per day.

Stay away from Radiation Area and carcinogenic chemicals

If your job includes working in the hazardous environment, ensure that your company is providing your protective gear. Radiation exposure and certain chemicals were found to cause lung cancer, skin cancer, and stomach cancer.

These are the minor lifestyle changes that can largely impact your chances of developing or even tackling cancer. Talk to your oncologist and follow the recommendations on when to visit for the screening. Early diagnosis of cancer reduces the risk and increases the chances of survival significantly.