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Comprehensive Guide to Cancer Support Services

Cancer support services go beyond providing hope and empowerment. They should ideally ensure a safe environment, where both the patients and their families can openly express their true emotions and connect with others facing similar challenges. This environment should provide a relief from the anxiety and isolation often associated with cancer, allowing individuals to share their concerns without fear of judgment or misunderstanding. Through this process of talking with other patients and their attendants, one can discover comfort, clarity, and renewed strength to overcome the obstacles in the fight against cancer.

An extensive range of cancer support services are offered at the American Oncology Institute (AOI), under the supervision of the best cancer doctors. These services are designed to help patients address the physical, emotional, and practical aspects of cancer.


Types of Cancer Support Services
  • Medical Support Services: Medical support services constitute a wide range of treatments and procedures essential for the effective management of cancer. These include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical interventions, and medication administration, either as standalone treatments or in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities.
  • Emotional Support Services: Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, patients often embark on an emotional journey characterized by feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. Emotional support services step in as invaluable resources, aiding patients and their caregivers in positively managing these emotional challenges.
  • Financial Support Services: The financial strain associated with cancer treatment can significantly impact an individual's capacity to meet both medical expenses and daily living costs. Financial support services help in aiding the patients and their attendants, to ensure financial obligations are met, thereby alleviating the distress frequently accompanying a cancer diagnosis.
  • Alternative Support Services: For cancer patients, alternative support services extend a range of non-conventional therapies aimed at alleviating treatment-related symptoms. These may include providing complementary approaches such as nutritional counseling to enhance the overall quality of life during cancer treatment.
What Support Care Services does American Oncology Institute (AOI) provide to its Patients? 

At American Oncology Institute, we're committed to delivering comprehensive care beyond hospital walls. After a patient's discharge, our staff takes charge of post-treatment follow-up with personalized care through virtual platforms such as email, telephone, or video consultations.

Our team ensures that you have all the information you need to prepare for post-treatment care and schedules regular online consultations, or in-person visits so that you can receive continued support from our dedicated staff & cancer doctors. Our services include:

  • Recognizing the symptoms and keeping a check for any signs of cancer recurrence.
  • Managing post-cancer treatment symptoms, such as fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, bladder or bowel pain issues.
  • Maintaining a record of your medications and dietary supplements because they impact your overall health.
  • Cancer also takes an emotional toll and patients commonly experience anxiety and depression as well. We evaluate your cancer risk and construct a custom management plan.
  • Changes in the family medical history, including any new cancers, can affect your cancer care. We help assess your risk of developing cancer and create a personalized care plan.

At AOI, we take great pride in delivering outstanding patient care and support throughout the cancer treatment process. Our dedicated team of empathetic oncologists and healthcare professionals is deeply committed to enhancing our patients' quality of life and achieving the best possible results.

For individuals in Hyderabad searching for alternative cancer treatment options, AOI is the trusted destination. We are home to some of the best cancer doctors in Hyderabad who are devoted to delivering holistic and individualized care to every patient we serve.