Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to kill or shrink cancer cells. Charged particles, x-rays and gamma rays are radiations used for killing the cancer cells. The radiation therapy can be given through an external beam, (using a machine called a linear accelerator) or internally (brachytherapy).

At American Oncology Institute, our physicians plan meticulously to minimize the chance for any side effects. Our expert team of physicists and dosimetrists ensure complete safety while performing the radiation therapies with highly sophisticated equipment and computers. An oncologist may prescribe radiation therapy before, during, or post-surgery depending on the treatment strategy devised collaboratively by American Oncology Institute medical team. Our team of expert oncologists starts the design for each patient’s complete, personalized treatment plan with a simulation. The simulation begins by using detailed imaging scans to determine the location, size, and shape of the tumor in the body.


Dr. Babaiah

Dr. BabaiahMedical Director

With more than three decades of experience in radiation oncology, he is a pioneer who introduced many path breaking procedures such as IMRT and IGRT to south India.

DegreesM.D (Radiation Oncology)
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dr .sankara mahadev

Dr. D. Sankara MahadevSenior Consultant Radiation Oncologist

Extensively experienced with 30 years plus of practice, he is one of the most eminent radiation oncologists in India.
DegreesMD, DRM (Radiation Oncology)
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Dr. Mirza Athar Ali

Dr. Mirza Athar AliConsultant Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Mirza Athar Ali has more than seven years of experience with expertise in Electronic medical records and great ability to deliver High Precision Radiotherapy treatment.
DegreesMD, PDCR (Radiation Oncology)
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Dr. Vinitha

Dr. P. Vinitha ReddyConsultant Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Vinitha has gained rich experience in some of the latest Radiation Oncology procedures and her special interest lies in gynecology, breast , paediatric, head and neck oncology
DegreesMBBS, DNB(Radiation Oncology)
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Dr. Sujana Priya

Dr. Sujana Priya Jr. Consultant Radiation Oncologist

Trained in Pennsylvania, US, Dr. Sujana’s competency includes high precision radiotherapy, brain tumors, breast cancer and gynaecology oncology.
DegreesMD (Radiation Oncology)
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Dr. Prabhakar

Dr. M. PrabhakarJr. Consultant Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Prabhakar has more than seven years of experience in radiation oncology and is a trusted clinican in his field.
DegreesMD (Radiation Oncology)
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Dr. A. Kesava RamgopalConsultant Radiation Oncologist

SpecialityConsultant Radiation Oncologist
DegreesMD (NIMS), ECMO
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Dr. K.V.J.R. NaiduConsultant Radiation Oncologist

SpecialityConsultant Radiation Oncologist
DegreesMBBS, MD
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Dr. Sandhya Sood Radiation Oncologist

DegreesMBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology)
Book Appointment at American Oncology Institute - Ludhiana,Tagore Nagar E-block,Ludhiana
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