Treatment options for blood cancer

At American Oncology Institute, treatment of blood cancer is most comprehensive with one of the best skilled and most qualified team of the hematologist. The team includes Dr. AMVR Narendra, Dr. Parinitha Gutha & Dr. S.K. Gupta who are highly qualified and are trained from institutes in India and the UK. Blood cancer treatment is designed after a detailed assessment of the patient considering factors such as type of the blood cancer, the stage it is in etc

Common treatments are chemotherapy, radiotherapy and in some cases if required stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

In chemotherapy anti-cancer drugs are used to fight cancer cells. In radiation therapy, high energy of radiations is given to kill cancer cells. Its use is dependent on the location of the cancer cell or the tissue involved. Accordingly, radiation is targeted either to kill the cancer cell or shrinks cancerous tissue.