Treatment Options brain cancer ludhiana

Treatment Options

The treatment for Brain cancer depends on multiple factors including the age of the patient, medical status of the patient, tumor size and the exact location. The treatment for Brain cancer at American Oncology Institute has three main courses namely Observation, Surgery and Radiation therapy.


Depending upon the assessment done by the team of experienced doctors at American Oncology Institute, the condition may or may not require immediate treatment and often requires continuous monitoring with periodic evaluation with scans (MRI). As during the course of the tumor development the team of doctors will Re-assess the patient condition and plan the best treatment procedure for Brain cancer at American Oncology Institute.

Surgical Treatment

There are three major surgical approaches that are involved in the surgical removal of Brain cancer they are –
Tranlabyrinthine, Retrosigmoid, Middle Fossaand a new less invasive technique called as Total endoscopic resection which is done with a camera probe to assist in surgery.

Radiation Therapy

The American Oncology Institute has the best Radiation Therapy experts while the treatment is done with State of the art delivery techniques not less than any other University hospital of the United States. The treatment is such that it sends high doses of radiation to the tumor, however limiting exposure to the surrounding normal tissue. Here at American Oncology Institute the Radiation Therapy treatment planning is done by several teams including leading Radiation Oncologists, Physicists and Radiation Technologists along with the group of highly skilled allied medical experts. The treatment planning is reviewed by University standards of protocol in United States of America to match the treatments with that of the latest procedure in practice.

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