Diagnosis brain cancer ludhiana


If a routine hearing test results in hearing loss an audiogram should help in further evaluation for both the ears. At American Oncology doctors will examine, evaluate with a list of questions and to further confirm the diagnosis the doctors may write an MRI scan which can confirm the condition as an Brain cancer.

Causes of Brain cancer:

Two types of Brain cancer occur one is a sporadic form of a syndrome called neurofibromatosis type II which is an inherited disorder characterized by the growth of noncancerous tumors in the nervous system. And Brain cancer which are the most common of these tumors and often appear in both the ears. A malfunctioning gene appears to be the cause of tumors on the main balance nerves from the inner ear to other parts of the brain or eight cranial nerve. Currently, there are no known risk factors that are associated with Brain cancer, however, some suggest for genetic risk of neurofibromatosis type 2 of parent that accounts for a small number of cases and low dose radiation exposure to the parts of head and neck are also the possible causes for Brain cancer.

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