Dr.Subba Rao

Dr. Subba Rao is a well-known Medical Oncologist in the state of Andhra Pradesh, currently he is serving as Medical Director at American Oncology Institute in Guntur. He has made the huge contribution to the alleviation of cancer pain and its successful management. He completed his MBBS from Guntur Medical College in 1989 and later after about five years of practice in the department of Medical Oncology as Medical Officer at Adyar he went on to pursue his MD in the fields of Radiation Oncology from Madras Medical College and completed it in the year 1998.

Dr. Subba Rao after pursuing his MD Radiation Oncology from one of the prestigious Madras Medical College served for a year as Assistant Professor in the department of Radiation Oncology at Cancer Institute Adyar. He further continued to earn his post graduated specialization DM in Medical Oncology and completed in the year 2003 from Cancer Institute Adyar.

Dr. Subba Rao has acquired great clinical experience as immediately after his graduation in MBBS from Guntur Medical College in 1989. He served as Medical officer in the department of Medical Oncology at Cancer Institute – Adyar. After his MD in Radiation Oncology in 1998 he worked for a year as an Assistant professor at Cancer Institute Adyar and further after pursuing DM Medical Oncology in the year 2003, he served again as Assistant Professor for a year in the department of Medical Oncology – Adyar. And from 2004 he was working as a teaching faculty at NRI Medical College as Professor of Medical Oncology. He was also a teaching faculty for DM students in SIMS Thripura from 2009, with his knowledge and skill both in teaching and Clinical practice in the field of Medical oncology makes him as one of the unique super specialists to treat and extend his care to any type of cancer.

Dr. Subba Rao is considered as one of the few doctors in India and the only oncologist in the twin states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to have two sub-specialization degrees as MD in Radiation Oncology and DM in Medical Oncology. He is also among the only qualified Medical Oncologist in the coastal Andhra region. Dr. Subba Rao has all the required knowledge, skills with his vast educational background, clinical expertise needed especially in the field of oncology including a detailed study on tumors occurring in all organ systems of the body. He acquired vast knowledge and clinical skills during his several years of practice both in teaching and clinical patient care across different hospitals.