Centralised Treatment Planning

Cancer treatment planning at American Oncology Institute is an accurate, well-conceived treatment plan that is prepared after considering all available medical information appropriately. We leverage the advantage of centralized services to maintain high quality and efficiency.

Our doctors access medical records, care protocols and expert US support for treatment planning. Patients are provided access to the most evolved IT infrastructure, and are able to receive all of their treatments in the same location. Further, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to their unique medical condition.

Our team of experts evaluate several vital components in making a treatment which include specific tissue diagnosis and stage, initial treatment plan and estimated duration, expected common and rare toxicities during treatment and their management and anticipated long-term effects of treatment.

Doctors from different discipline of cancer treatment work together to create a patient’s overall treatment plan that combines different types of treatments. The multidisciplinary team thus formed provide treatments that are fully-integrated with integrative oncology services.