Pediatric Hemato Oncology

At American Oncology Institute, we work towards making childhood cancer cure a realistic and practically achievable goal. Our flagship international center in Hyderabad houses Pediatric Hemato Oncology outpatient clinics and day care unit, inpatient wards and bone marrow transplantation unit. Our dedicated team of experts offers comprehensive pediatric oncology care. The team comprises seasoned pediatric oncologists, radiation oncologist, pediatric oncology nurses and child psychologist who work hard to ensure that best care is delivered to every child.

In India, an estimated 50,000 children are likely to develop cancer each year and close to half of the infected die without proper therapy. Although the actual number of children who develop cancer is small when compared to adults in India, the rate of successful treatment is high. Therefore, the efforts put together in appropriate treatment cancer in children are more worthwhile and fulfilling.

Pediatric Hemato Oncology at American Oncology Institute is headed by Dr. Parinitha. She covers all aspects of treatment within the area of blood disorders in children. Like most cancers, blood cancer in children is very fast growing and highly sensitive to timely and appropriate treatment.