Nursing Staff

A nurse plays a pivotal role in handling a patient with cancer due to the multiple aspects of care throughout the treatment. At American Oncology Institute nurses are certified in oncology care and have pursued intensive training beyond certification requirements. The team with us is headed by Divya Darshini who along with her team mates have been trained and mentored by Oncology Nursing specialist named Lynn Tomascik – Director of Nursing (DON) from United States of America.

All the nurses have undergone training on electronic medical records which helps in centralizing all the patient information. This ascertains that all the involved team members are aware about a patient’s medical history pertaining to the disease and beyond. Our nurses are trained to follow treatment protocols practiced at American university hospitals.

We maintain healthy nurse to patient ratio. (1:4) in the hospital industry. Our nursing team adequately supports patients during treatment follow-ups, and train them on lifestyle modifications during and after the treatment completion.