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American Oncology Institute under the flagship of Cancer Treatment Services International is the only group of cancer hospitals across south Asia providing comprehensive cancer treatment with Precision Cancer Care to the patients in India. Revolutionising the cancer care sector, American Oncology Institute at Ludhiana has following departments spearheaded by highly experienced doctors, state of the art technology, the full-fledged medical facility that makes the most preferred destinations for cancer patients.


Radiation therapy uses carefully targeted and regulated doses of high-energy radiation to shrink, eliminate cancer cells or tumors. It is a local treatment, meaning that it targets only the tumor, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. At American Oncology Institute (AOI), we leverage a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert radiation oncologists as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.


American Oncology Institute’s medical oncology team comprises trained doctors. We use the latest medical evidence to create specific treatment plans based on patient’s individual needs. We determine the right treatment plan for each patient based on multiple factors as stage of cancer, extent of the damage, other medical conditions, and location of the cancer within the body.


Surgery plays an important role in the management of both early cancers as well as advanced cancers in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. American Oncology Institute’s surgical oncology department is dedicated to offering cutting-edge, multidisciplinary treatment of primary and metastatic tumors.


At Dayanand Medical College & Hospital
DMC Road,
Tagore Nagar,
Civil Lines,
Ludhiana – 141001
Phone: 0161-3301111
E-mail: AOILudhiana@americanoncology.com