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Dr. Ranjinth Kumar

Dr. Ranjith

Dr. C.S Ranjith Kumar

DNB – Paediatrics, DM- Medical Oncology


3 years of training in medical and paediatric oncology including evaluation screening, chemotherapy delivery, stemce II transplant (Autologous and Allogeneic), for flow-up care and Procedures like central venous catheters and Apheresis for stem cell collection etc.

1. Central and peripheral venous catheters insertion.

2. A pheresis procedures for stem cell collection and cryoinixing and storing.

3. Simple FNAC and biopsies.

4. Palliative procedures like pleuraI tapping, ICD insertion.

5. Intrathecal drug delivery.

6. SOP preparation.

1. Prospective audit of morbidity in patients receiving chemotherapy in department of Medical Oncology of a tertiary care cancer center.

2. Sorafenib as first line therapy in metastatic renaI cell carcinoma-A single institutional experience.

3. Clinico-Pathological Profile of Pediatric Lynphoma from a Tertiary care cancer centre in South India.

4. Knowledge attitude of Indian oncology residents on clinical trials- An observational study.

5. Effect of Gefitinib maintenance therapy in improving progression free survival in metastatic lung cancer.

1. Dyskeratosis Congenital with Acute Pre-B Cell LymphoblastiC Leukemia in a 10 years old girl. Vijayashekaran Kalasekhar, Sri Vaishnava Ranjith, The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, September 2015, Volume 82, Issue 9, pp 867-868.

2. “The Impact of Oncologist Initiated Selective Review of Pathology Specimens in multi disciplinary Onco-Pathological discussions on the Management of Malignancies in a University Hospital in India.” has been accepted for publication in British Journal of ‘Medicine and Medical Research’.

3. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Indian oncology residents on clinical trials — An observational study, has been accepted for publication in the journal of cancer therapy.

4. Role of lgE in health and disease, Pediatric allergy update bulletin 1st volume, 2010.

5. Editor for manual  of neonatal ventilator workshop book for National Neonatal Conference 2011.

6. Author for 8 topics in Scott Pediatrics 3rd edition (clinical methods for pediatric post graduation).