At American Oncology Institute we have Medical dosimetrists who are the members of radiation oncology team having knowledge about overall characteristics and clinical relevance of radiation oncology treatments, machines, equipment and are aware of the procedures commonly used in radiation therapy. Dosimetrists are also knowledgeable and trained, necessary to generate radiation dose distribution and dose calculations in collaboration with the medical physicist and radiation oncologist.

Once the consultant radiation oncologist has given the prescription to the patient with the plan of treatment, the dosimetrist will then design a treatment plan using computer to determine a treatment field technique that will deliver that prescribed radiation dose.

Dosimetrists maintain a delicate balance between delivering the prescription the physician has written while ensuring that the patient will not lose important healthy organ function. Dosimetrists play a part in cutting edge clinical research for the development and implementation of new techniques in cancer treatment.

A dosimetrists overall performs:

  • Calculations for the accurate delivery of the Radiation oncologist’s prescribed dose
  • Documents pertinent information in the patients records
  • Verifies the mathematical accuracy of all calculations using a system established by the medical physicist.